Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Prayers = A date with Him

Disclaimer: I am fully aware that i am just a normal human being, and i will make mistakes and i have not yet gathered enough knowledge to fully understand the entire concept what Islam is teaching us. So forgive me if my view about this may offend you, as i am only trying to look at it in the eyes of a developing student of Islam who is slowly trying to fully grasp the entire value, concept and idea of what my religion is trying to teach me.

Ever since we were little, we were taught that the very essence of our religion is our daily prayers. It was the saying that "Solat itu Tiang Agama" that was constantly spoonfed to us ever since we were a child. But have we truly understood why it is truly important to perform those five times prayer daily?

Why is that the prayers are so important that even a child we are being encouraged to perform it till it becomes a habit in our daily activities. For many years i have never really delved deeper into why it is so important to perform salah and for many years until now, i have finally discovered the simple reason to that --   The Remembrance of Allah swt.

I like to use weird analogies that teenagers such as i can relate to.
So in this post, lets just say that the five times prayers a day that we do is sort of like a date.
And this sort of date, is no ordinary date, it is a very special date (meeting) that we have with our special loved one. We have it five times a day, and we only spend 5 to 10 minutes with our "loved" ones (In this case it is with Allah swt). Now depending on how special this person is to us, we would treat them differently right? If this person wasnt that special, we probably would treat him and not pay that much attention to them in the date.

But in this date obviously we are having it with a very special person, it is with Allah swt, and it is the essence of Islam itself is to completely love Allah swt before everything else.
So should we not pay full attention to Him when we perform our five times prayer a day?
Should we not spend quality time with Him praising him as we meant it in our prayers?
Should we not make use of the time making request (Dua) for Him to make it easier for us to go through hardship after the prayer is done?
And most importantly, should we not use the times in our prayer to remind ourselves how much we love Allah swt? And how grateful we are to be among those who have been shown the right path?

Allah swt is special in all eyes of a human being, it is just simply difference of how we value His presence or not in our lives. So let us treat our prayers as if it is every one of them are special dates that we have with our beloved ones. To perfect our prayer is to perfect our relationship with Allah swt. Treat it as simple as that.

And i leave this post with a quote from Maulana Tariq Jameel.

Allah swt said to the Prophet Nabi Muhammad s.a.w.
"When you come to me, empty your heart such as it only contains you and me. Only you and me. There should be no one else"

And the only way to perfect our prayer is to:

"Perform your prayer such as that it is void [of worldly thoughts]"

And may we be reminded to not forget to spread our love to Allah swt everyday. 
Let us strive to perfect our prayer.
 Insyallah. Amin.

P/S: Just a short preview of the next thing i might focus on.